[12-01-2017] : Minera

I’ve updated a theme that supports WooCommerce to sell my digital books.

[12-10-2016] : Joomla CMS

I will no longer work on developments to dannykaplansky.com home page powered by Joomla. Its CMS is great but proved to be too complex. Dannykaplansky.com/1976 is the future for WordPress template layouts, posts and additions. There is a link at the home page menu of dannykaplansky.com that will take you to 1976 and vice versa.

[12-09-2016] : WordPress Twenty Seventeen

I’m using WordPress new Twenty Seventeen  (2017) theme. As WordPress developments progresses, so will this sites layout. If you know how to code a thing or two, perhaps consider to contribute and join the group of supporters like me.

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