I came to the United States in 1981 through a sponsorship from an American family. I remember them as a person, how they look like is a part of history. Perhaps, I have been blessed being able to live a new life in the United States. With the life style I have had in my younger years, I have not been very blessed. Things are looking a whole lot better now. The trials of life, whether you are born wealthy or poor it is hard to keep smiling when things does not look so good.


I will not get into much details with my family. Like love, a supportive family should not be taken for granted. Not like I have experienced such a family during my childhood. Even now in my 40’s, it is like a stake in my heart. I am searching for some sort of salvation and I find that in music. Maybe music is all the family I have. I wish I can commit more time to it. Soon, . . . all will change.


“Let there be no dam that would cut your overflow emotions to me.”

Love, Meaning, and Money. I have not been very successful in these fields. Do you not eager to see the future? When you have acquired love and meaning, money would just follow. These three fields have shaped me who I am today. I hope to graduate from it with flying colors.

In 5 year Timeline of December 7,
  • 1976
    The day I was born in Kien Giang, Rach Gia, Vietnam so I was told. The oldest of 2 boys that went on that faithful voyage.
  • 1981
    Traveled on a life or death trip to Bangkok, Thailand where my father enlisted us for sponsorship to America.
  • 1986
    During those 5 years, me and my father moved a lot like hermit crabs without its home with the aide of public fundings.


To your left is Me in the USC Trojans sweater and to your right is my little brother in pink pajamas shadowing kung-fu heroes.

When we are in love, distance is only a word and not a number.

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Friendship&Love Rach Gia, Vietnam

The Past is history, the Present is what’s left of today, the Future is yet to be written.

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Poetry from the Heart San Gabriel, California

The love for many outweighs the love for one. When it comes to the love, there could only be one.

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Acronym Poetry of Names Paris, France

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