Transforming life experiences into tales of empathic friendship and platonic love, this book consists of romantic narratives that closely pertain to the author’s poetry and ultimately revealing another one quarter of his life. The illustrated titles give the reader insights to the story and will get you back reading again if not more. Content hyperlinks make navigation friendly without the need to use UI features. From trade paperback to digital format, this is beyond doubt a Danny Kaplansky masterpiece remake.

There are Friendships for your colleagues, family and relatives.
And there are Love for person, place or things.

F&L — 9780989107808

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ISBN: 978-0-9891078-0-8, F&L “Friendship&Love”

Childhood Sweetheart, one of the featured story in this masterpiece remake, is a romantic narrative about a boy’s youthful love and a girl’s secret crush between the two.

Throughout grade school, platonic love and affection was expressed in voice and writing touched by curiosity for sexual characteristics from attractive body languages.

13 years have gone by and she is pregnant with not their child. Has love been unfair to them? Have they been fair to each other?

Until this day though we may read the same story, its diverse dream remains classified for only us.