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Who I Am

Welcome to My .com

The looks, the layout and the contents are managed by me, although the design is not mine. When you visit this site today, tomorrow or forever in a day, I want you to have an intimate experience. It's foundation lies elsewhere.

Throughout the site, there are inserts of my published work; images, texts and quotes. The contextual are Copyrighted © by Danny Kaplansky, however, before you link my site to yours, I would appreciate if you contact me before you do so and I will be more than happy to share those contents with you so long as copyright notices of my work is in place.

Like every other artists, I thank you for your support of my work from the bottom of my heart.

My Mission

Attractiveness has become a new talent. I have decided to remake this work from its original release. Names are given to us for identification and purpose. I strive to be novel in every piece of motivated work that is in the making or out-of-the-closet to present to the community, entertainment for an educational cause.

My Values

I believe that we do not have to be a scholar to enjoy literature or poetry. It does not have to be complex in wording or even rhyme, although many of us would expect a poem to rhyme. I want to write literature and poetry where all ages and walks of life can enjoy and be intrigued in its simplest form transcending right from the heart.

My Solution

Literature and poetry combines the art of unique and traditional writing. Uniqueness in writing involves the complex association of the English language, but is rather simple. Its more traditional form have been witnessed and published in lost times and newfound era, this is more intricate in mindset than it seems.

Danny Kaplansky

" The Past is History, the Present is what's left of today, the Future is yet to be written. "

Published Author




And Dreamer


Set a reasonable amount of time to successfully complete a written work.


Keep past present and future timeline organize to prevent confusion.


Talent cannot be educated, only made discovered. Education can help with Talent.

A third quarter of my life has completed.