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In that same year, I auditioned for numerous shows. My two most memorable castings were Singled Out and MTV Beach Party. Yes, I was to be the "Singled Out" one. The studio where the show was aired is small. Not as big as it may seem on TV. There was enough body heat in the studio to fill it up like a hot air balloon, at least KISS FM Desperate and Dateless had air conditioning with a room half the size. Most of the shows wait time was longer than my part in it.

Below is an image of MTV Spring Break that I was not a part of. It's similar to MTV Beach Party, hot girls in bikinis. I won't be surprised if I was recognizable in the crowd as everyone was taller than me. I am planning my return to the beaches/resorts and put my youth to its advantages, not looking for a tan of course. Get your cameras ready for the skin behind the clothes.

posted 03/21/2016

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