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I was involved in modeling and acting Spring of 1997. After high school, I've had many odd jobs from a Staffing Agency, took acting classes that turned out to be a scam. But, it was a great experience during acting sessions with the classmates minus the scam instructors who took our $1500 and ran at the end of the 4 week course without giving us our certificates.

The Internet hasn't been invented yet, so I read the local newspapers for Modeling and Acting Agencies and found International Models & Talents (IMT) in Santa Monica. It took me about 30-45 minutes to reach my destination by car. I went upstairs to the 2nd floor, signed in, peeked around the room and stumbled at the photo bulletin board and recognized a black/white photo of a girl whom I had a crush in high school. Yes, I came to the right place. Then my agent came out and greeted me. She was tall, maybe 5'9". Tanned skin and attractive.

I had a beautiful photographer who was also a model. I'd even pose nude for her if she asked me to. The photo was taken at studio in Santa Monica. She developed the film in slides for my portfolio until 5 years later I met a friend who had an imaging business. He converted the film slides to photo paper. This was her favorite pose out of the dozens of shots and wardrobes. Camera shy was not an option. With the perfect sunlight, every scene came naturally. I love to make a statement.

This endeavor lasted less than a year when, oneday, my agent ran out of the office crying without saying goodbye. I ended my contract as I didn't want another agent to replace her.

posted 03/19/2016

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